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Mobile Mechanics

Whether you get a puncture on your commute to work or it’s that time for your annual service, why bother taking your bike to a shop when one of our expert mechanics can come to your home or work place and fix it for you there.

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Service/ RepairDescriptionPrice (£)Allocated Time (mins)
Puncture RepairInner tube replaced (New Inner Tube Included).1530
Puncture Repair (Hub geared bike) Inner tube replaced (New Inner Tube Included).2030
Gear ServiceCould include: replacing gear cables, re-greasing gear cables, indexing gears.2030
Brake ServiceCould include: replacing brake pads, replacing brake cables, re-greasing brake cables, any necessary brake adjustment. 2030
Chain/ Cassette ReplacementCould include: replacing the chain and/or cassette, re-indexing the gears.2030
Headset Service/ ReplacementCould include: replacing the headset, removing cleaning and re-greasing the headset.2030
Bottom Bracket Service/ ReplacementCould include: replacing the bottom bracket, removing cleaning and re-greasing the bottom bracket.2030
Hub Service/ Axle ReplacementCould include: replacing the hub bearings, cones and axel, removing cleaning and re-greasing the hub bearings.2030
Wheel Truing/ReplacementCould include: spoke replacement, spoke tension adjustment. Price per wheel.2030
Hydraulic Brake ServiceCould include: Hydraulic brake bleed, installation, brake fluid replacement, hose length adjustments. Price per brake.3045
Shifter ReplacementCould include: Shifters installed/replaced, gear cables installed/replaced, handlebars re-wrapped. Price per shifter.3045
Basic Service/Bike AssemblyIncludes: New bike assembly from box or full safety check, brake system checked and tightened, gear system adjusted and indexed, tyres inflated to correct pressure, chain re-greased.3045
Advanced ServiceIncludes: full basic service, brake inner cables removed and lubricated, gear inner cables removed and lubricated, hubs adjusted, headset removed cleaned and lubricated.6590
Elite ServiceIncludes: full advanced service, bottom bracket removed cleaned and lubricated, hubs serviced, wheels trued, all drive parts removed, cleaned and re-greased.95150
Elite Service (All Inclusive)Full elite service including new front and rear brake pads and front and rear brake and gear cables. Saves you £17!110150
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